Windbooster GT – Intelligent Throttle Controllers With Bluetooth App Chip Tuning

Original price was: ₹ 18,999.00.Current price is: ₹ 17,000.00.

Features of Windbooster Intelligent Throttle Controller:

10 Driving Modes
Normal mode, Econ mode, Sport mode, Sport+ mode, Race mode, i-AUTO mode, Anti slip mode, Valet mode, Drag mode, Lock mode

10 Fine Tuning Modes
Econ mode, Valet mode, Anti slip mode, Sport mode, Sport+ mode, Race mode come with 10 adjustable programs.

Lock Mode (anti-theft function)
You can set the password to lock the car through the Bluetooth APP chip tuning. The locked car will be unable to start and keep idle state. Enter the password to drive normally. Adopting lock and decrypt design to better control the car. There is no worry about parking the car.

Mode memory(Save, preset mode)
The current driving mode can be saved. The last driving mode is automatically saved when restarting (memory mode).
You can set your favorite driving mode on the APP in advance to experience driving pleasure more conveniently(preset mode, no memory mode).

3 Different Interface Styles
Marquee, Gird view, Sky wheel. (Marquee is the default interface)

Display Screen
Only 6mm thickness display screen with an aluminum frame, OLED light, which can be clearly seen in any lighting condition

Note: We provide a 15-days money-back guarantee if not satisfied within 15 days along with a two-year warranty.

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